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-title: autoarch README.md
# autoarch
-This is a basic script, utilizing and building upon
+`autoarch` provides basic scripts to perform an automated install of
+[Arch Linux](https://archlinux.org) in a virtual machine.
+Main git repository: <https://git.esotericnonsense.com/pub/autoarch.git>
-to perform an automated install of archlinux in a virtual machine.
+Sourcehut: <https://git.sr.ht/~esotericnonsense/autoarch>
-# Usage
+GitLab: <https://gitlab.com/esotericnonsense/autoarch.git>
+GitHub: <https://github.com/esotericnonsense/autoarch.git>
+## Contact
+Daniel Edgecumbe (esotericnonsense)
+## Usage
To build the ISO, enter the `build` directory and run `sudo ./build.sh`.
Root permissions are required in order for the correct permissions to be
@@ -32,5 +40,6 @@ at (e.g. `vda` by default) without confirmation prior to installation.
Consider yourself warned.
## License
`autoarch` is subject to the GNU GPLv2 only, contained in the document
LICENSE.GPLv2 which should be distributed with the software.